Why Alaskan Thunderod Fishing Adventures

Captain Dan Brown, owner of Alaskan Thunderod Fishing Adventures, shows what halibut and salmon fishing really are with Cook Inlet Trips: An exciting rush of thrill and skill with heart-pounding battles with both halibut and salmon! Bait, tackle, and gear provided, waiting for you to have the unforgettable experience of a lifetime!


THe Boat

Not only is the experience going to be unforgettable, but extremely comfortable as we offer a 32-foot saltwater boat with 6-air ride seats for a smooth and soft ride. The deck has plenty of room to accommodate amazing fish battles. To maximize your comfort, a heater is onboard. Our boat also offers the privacy of a bathroom! As far as safety features go, this boat has state-of-the-art, United States Coast Guard approved, safety equipment on board.

Gear and Tackle

We provide top of the line rods and reels for both halibut and salmon. We even offer left-handed reels upon request. 

A deckhand is at your service to maximize the amount of time you are fishing . So you can save all that arm strength for actually fighting the halibut and salmon! 



fish processing

We specialize in day trips so that your fishing experience will make memories to last a life time and put fish in the freezer for many good mouthwatering meals. After taking pictures with the day's catch, the next time you will see the fish is once it has been filleted per your instructions and vacuum sealed. If you are from out of town or fishing for several days, we can even keep your fish frozen until you are on your way home. At that point, you can take it with you.