When To Come

Fishing season starts in May and goes into August with the first few days of September. You can expect to catch fish anytime during these months. Depending on whether you are going after halibut and/or a specific species of salmon will determine what part of the season that you’ll want to come.




Halibut and King Salmon Saltwater Combo Trips
The season beginning with May and going through the first week of June, gives you the opportunity to target both King Salmon and Halibut at the same time while enjoying the midnight sun. There are hundreds of thousands of salmon migrating through Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay to the many rivers. Along with these, comes the “feeder kings” or the King Salmon that come to feed and not spawn that year. We fish in shallow water close to shore, mainly with herring to catch the chrome, bright fish. Halibut also tend to be in shallower water during this time period, than later in the season.

The weather in May tends to be a sunnier month with temperatures ranging from 40-60 degrees. It’s still a good idea to plan on cool weather, and to bring appropriate clothing such as extra sweatshirts and raingear. The raingear also helps keep your clothes cleaner when a fish comes aboard.



Saltwater Halibut
After the first week of June, we start to just target halibut. If you’re just targeting halibut, this is a good time to come as they are in both shallow and deep water. 

June tends to be the driest month of the year with temperatures ranging from 50 to 70 degrees and the sun being up all night long.



Saltwater Halibut (No Tuesdays or Wednesdays due to NOAA regulations)
Halibut fishing continues to be great through the month of July not to mention that the Kings and Sockeyes (Reds) are hitting the rivers making for a more adventurous trip to Alaska. July is our busiest month of the season, so it's best to call early to get your dates. If possible, it's good idea to plan an extra day in case of rough seas.



Saltwater Halibut

While fishing for halibut during this month, we tend to go out a little further as the halibut are moving towards deeper water. When the silvers are in (which varies from year to year) we do combo trips for both silvers and halibut. August tends to be cooler with temperatures ranging from 50 to 70. The halibut are still actively biting and exhilarating to catch, so make sure you bring your muscles!